Papa’s Taco Mia – The Last Game Of Papa’s Game Series

A sequel called Papas Burgeria has now been launched and is set to be just as massive and well-known on the online gaming scene like its predecessor Papas Burgeria. Papas Burgeria was the game of the burger restaurant which needed to be running smoothly, serving burgers to patrons, Papas Taco Mia is created with the same design, but this time you’ll cook Mexican Taco styled food. Play more Papa’s Games here

The game begins by introducing you to various stations of the restaurant such as those at the Order Station, the Grill Station, and Building Station. Building Station, the customers will, after the various steps are completed, evaluate your performance on each step.

You’ll score the most points at the ordering station If you’re present to take your customers’ orders and not make them wait. To help you score high marks at this area, you could upgrade to the “waiting room” with flower pots posters, coffee machines, posters and jukeboxes as well as other items to keep your customers entertained.

It is essential to watch closely at the grilling station The meat must be cooked once and not be cooked for longer than necessary in the pan so that it doesn’t get burned. The chicken should be cut in one go and then turned over to get the top marks and this is to occur at a particular time during the cooking to make the best taste of taco chicken.

The process of making the taco is one of the most important moments during the entire making of tacos. It should be served neat and neat and have the correct fillings. The fillings can range from chili sauce to beans.

After the stations are attended to and the necessary steps have been completed, you can now serve the tacos. The main thing to be aware of is serving the correct food to the right person. This is done by placing your ticket on the right taco tray. The taco guidelines will be based on the scores received and the kind of patron that you will be serving.

Along with the tip money and the earnings you earn, you can choose between every day that you’re open to improve your restaurant. The items you can pick from include, as previously mentioned items that can aid in scoring better the next day, like knives that can cut the chicken more quickly and the doorbell allows you to hear your patrons who enter your restaurant, whether you’re on the grill or at the building station, and many other things that can aid in making the customer’s journey through the restaurant experience more enjoyable which can lead to more tips and prizes.

The options for building tacos will expand as the game progresses with new items arriving in the kitchen as frequently as you can to keep your customers entertained and your restaurant fashionable and trendy It could be the taco’s accessories such as sauces, fillings, and lastly the variety of wraps for tacos.