Kao the Kangaroo Game Review

Kao The Kangaroo reminds me the reason I was awed by 3D platformers in the days of the N64. Although I didn’t get the Dreamcast console exclusive version way back then I was pleasantly surprised by how familiar the remake of the series that was released 22 years ago was, even though the resurrected Kao does not try to hide how it’s been compared to modern platforms to produce an extremely similar comfort-food experience. It’s an absolute blast as well as colorful and quite nostalgic. Just don’t expect to face a Crash Bandicoot-level test.

The stories of heroes saving loved ones from danger are not new to this style, so suffice to say that Kao’s in a way straying from the norm with this one. The dialogue could have been more effective as well. There’s also a good humor however, it’s often weakened by the dated pop-culture references. Kao’s mom’s reference to “taking an arrow to the knee” isn’t exactly current and the young crowd who this type of game is intended for will probably not be able to recognize the joke. There’s a great team of actors joining our young hero, including his wise teacher Walt who’s more grounded character keeps the scenes interesting by playing an efficient Straight man to Kao.

This wouldn’t be an mascot-themed platformer without the most diverse settings and Kao offers four stunning worlds. Between the unbearably warm Lava Caves that are hidden in the sun-soaked Hopalloo Island, Hungry Jungle’s exotic sights and the (hopefully) easy to understand Frozen Mountains It’s a blast to play around with even when they don’t fit into the standard conventions. Each site acts as a hub packed with treasures, but runninges are the only thing that you’ll need to worry your self with, as they allow you to unlock new levels.

As you explore, Kao quickly finds his father’s old boxing gloves that occur to be the home of an enigmatic and mysterious entity who gives him extraordinary abilities. Alongside the normal punches and combo strikes Kao can develop into powerful finishers , hitting multiple opponents. They also store up to three charges beginning with fire and unlocking electricity and ice. They add a attractive visual appeal to his finishers , but, more important helps him get rid of barriers that block his platform, such as spider webs, or freeze water to make bridges. Additionally, Kao’s dodge roll is a weapon against enemies, which makes it an ideal defensive tactic and a reasonable disadvantage that they do not hit as hard as straight punches.

Kao the Kangaroo does a fantastic job creating a nostalgic feeling for the old-fashioned 3D platforming game I’ve never played. It doesn’t attempt to be flashy, but it does have an appealing aesthetic and playful humor that is able to get through those parts that feel not original. It’s likely to not be difficult, unless you’re looking for some more difficult platforming scenes combat is fairly easy however some might be a bit irritated by the concept of collectingathons. However, I haven’t thought it was boring and Tate has accomplished a great job in bringing back this mascot’s history although you’ll be able recognize Kao’s numerous contemporary influences right away. If you’re just looking for an enjoyable platformer that isn’t too demanding, you’ll be able to get a fantastic selection here.