WordPress Vs. Tumblr: SEO and Backlinks Overview

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Having a hard time choosing the best blog engine for your blog? “Should I use wordpress? or tumblr?”
I hear you. I already experienced that until I found out these things that might help you to your problem.

Tumblr Side

If you are targeting backlinks, go to Tumblr.


You’ll get a do-follow backlink if someone:

  • reblogged your posts


if you:

  • reblog a post
  • like a post

Make sure to like and reblog posts with hundreds of notes. 😉

Reblog and Like as many posts as you want. Some tumblr blogs e.g. mytumblrblog.tumblr.com have a high page rank even if it doesn’t have it’s own domain name. What more if it has a domain? This is how my other blog got PR4.

Pros + and Cons –

+ Easy to use.
+ Works well with backlinks and page ranks.
+ Linked tumblr to facebook and twitter without installing plugins.
+ You can change the way the tweets are being displayed on twitter.
+ Great themes.

– Not SEO Friendly, however as of my observations you can add codes to it’s theme to make it SEO-Friendly though I’m not sure if this really works, haven’t tried it yet.
– You need to install a comment plugin to enable comments.
– You cannot export and import your posts easily. I’ve tried exporting my posts to a tool somewhere in the internet and it works fine I got the .xml file but when I tried to import it on wordpress, it was really a mess. Not recommended.
– Only tumblr users can like and reblog your posts. How about visitors outside tumblr?

WordPress Side

If you want to make your site SEO Friendly then go to WordPress.

WordPress has a lot of plugins that may help you to optimized your site to Google Search Engine. While tumblr doesn’t have that feature.
You can also increase your backlinks using wordpress by commenting to other blog’s posts.

Pros + and Cons –

+ SEO-Friendly
+ All visitors inside and outside wordpress can dropped a comment
+ Hundreds of plugins are available
+ You can do anything with the theme’s design.
+ AJAX/Javascript/flash enabled
+ Easy to export and import

– It is not free if you have self-hosted blogs or own domains.
– Most wp blogs are no-follow links on their comments section but you can make it do-follow with a plugin.
– You can’t prevent spams to enter your blog although you can block it by a plugin called Akismet.
– Can’t think of a negative side anymore.

If you’re a wp user, you already familiar with the other pros and cons.

I’m not saying that WordPress is better or Tumblr is better. I’m just explaining what these two blog engines can do for you and for your blog when dealing with backlinks, SEO and page ranks. I hope this post really helped you.

These are my own opinions and some information that I got and heard from my online friends so if you have violent reactions you can explain it to us here or If you have questions, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below and leave your contact details so I can be able to answer your questions back. I’m willing to help. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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14 thoughts on “WordPress Vs. Tumblr: SEO and Backlinks Overview

  1. Since I'm a wordpress user, di ko masyado alam ang tumblr. I made an account there before pero ndi naging successful kasi nagkakaproblem ako sa comment thing dun. so yea, wordpress na lang. 🙂

  2. I've been debating with myself whether to switch on tumblr or stick with wordpress! That explains all, i might just stick with wordpress, and buy a new domain for tumblr perhaps?

  3. wow.. ang daming maka wp! lol. I use to be a loyal wp user til I realized the mobility and freedom tumblr gives. you forgot to mention that if you have multiple blogs its easy to switch out to the other sites as you no longer have to keep signing in to different admin page. 😉 so with that being said obviosuly.. i go for tumblr! ;D

  4. I've always been into wordpress. Just dont know why I decided to try out tumblr, maybe because it was once a trend? hehe . I think I will be be moving back again with wp. 😉


  5. ayos to sis! helpful mga posts mo dito ah… 🙂 i agree with what you said above… both tumblr and wordpress pero ewan ko… mas gusto ko talaga wordpress. mas malapit sa puso ko wordpress. lol. 🙂

  6. Kaya pala ambilis ng magkaPR ung clintandrew.info ko, tumatumblr kasi un. Tapos halos isang taon bago magPR2 ung wordpress blog ko. Charot lang. Ode magTumblr muna ng ilang buwan tapos magswitch sa wordpress. Nga lang, wala maiimport.

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