WordPress 3.3 is now available!

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WordPress 3.3 is now available! Update your blogs now, I’m sure you will like it. They’ve added new features and a new look!

They’ve also added a feature where we can drag our photos from here to there in order to be uploaded. I love this idea! Uploading photos through this method is easier and faster.

Tumblr-Wordpress Lovers, I’m sure you’re going to love this new feature. They’ve also added a tool, where we can import our tumblr posts, tags, etc. to wordpress! I’ve been waiting for this! Tumblr Users, you can now switch your blogs to wordpress! 😀

How to download/upgrade/update your WordPress

  1. Login to your WP-Dashboards.
  2. On the top portion of your Dashboard, you will see a notification and link.
  3. It will bring you to the page where you can just upgrade your blogs in just one click.
  4. Make a backup if needed.

What are you waiting for? Update/Upgrade your WordPress blogs now! 🙂

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