Why Men Love to Have a Motorcycle?

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Why do men love to have a motorcycle?

  • For Fashion – Let’s be honest. I know most of the guys or at least most of my guy friends really bought themselves a brand new motorcycle because it’s a one way of attracting girls. They think that having a motorcycle will impress their girlfriends.
  • For Service – They can use it for their jobs if it’s kilometers away from their house. If they have kids, they can use this to transport their children to their schools.
  • For Investment – Motorcycles can be a tricycle and it can be a business for the family.

Either of these, you have to make your motorcycles look good. Good thing surdyke has good and the best accessories and parts of a motorcycle so whenever you need one, you should go them. 🙂

One thought on “Why Men Love to Have a Motorcycle?

  1. I didn’t know men, in general, really have a thing with motorcycles. My papa really wants to have one for investment, but we keep on disagreeing because we think having a motorcycle and using it is really dangerous and accident-prone.

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