Choosing Your Wedding Date: Why A Winter Wedding Fits The Bill

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Getting married is a very happy occasion that celebrates the joining of two individuals. The ceremony often takes much planning and brides often agonize over the details. One of the most important decisions is selecting a date. Brides must coordinate the wedding and select a time that is convenient for themselves, family, friends and guests. The season often affects other details of the event such as color
choice and accessories. Here are some reasons why a winter wedding can make a lot of sense:

Winter is an off-peak season. One of the busiest seasons for ceremonies is in the spring and in the early part of summer. A lot of brides book their ceremonies and make arrangements during these seasons so wedding prices are pretty steep. However, winter is the season for price markdown because one, it’s an off-peak season for wedding, and two, almost everything goes on Christmas sale. And because people are busy thinking about the Holidays, more wedding venues will be available. Off peak season offers more chances to book the chapel or other locale of your dreams. All this allows for more stretching of the budget. Many accessories can be purchased and obtained below cost by selecting a time that is not the most in demand when prices are more likely to be at a premium.

Availability of your guests. Another great reason to book during the winter season is greater availability of family and friends. Holding a matrimony ceremony during the winter allows friends and family to use their holidays to attend. This is a very important component of planning this important day. Many brides want their families and friends to be able to attend. They want them to be able to make it to the ceremony and share memories of their nuptials. Choosing to wed in the winter increases the probability of having more loved ones there. But of course, you still have to send out your wedding invitations a lot earlier for the reason that they could be planning on spending their holiday vacation somewhere else.

Flowers. Another detail that receives great attention from brides and wedding planners are flowers. It can be a bit more difficult to find certain types of flowers during the winter months. Be a bit more
flexible in flower selection. There are other varieties that are winter friendly. Ask a florist to suggest some for you.

Save up on the design details. You can save money by picking up key pieces at a reduced price. Keep an eye open at garage sales and thrift stores for items such as wine glasses or a cake server knife. You can often find silver pieces and crystal glasses for a steal. Perhaps you have an heirloom piece that has been in the family for a while that would be great to use. After a little cleaning and polishing the pieces can be showroom worthy. This often adds greater symbolism to the pieces when they are carefully chosen.

Choosing a winter wedding can be just the greatest compromise brides can make. It allows them to likely reduce costs, more easily book venues and have more of their guests to come to the event by scheduling during this season.

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