Who is searching for you?

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Have you ever wondered and thought about who is searching for you on the internet? There are a lot of social media sites nowadays that has this feature already although sometimes it’s not that accurate. This may not take seriously but if you just want to have fun, try MyLife.com.

Through Mylife and any other social networks, they will give you social media friends weather it is an online or an offline friend, it doesn’t matter as long as it is countable as a friend. If you’re not friendly and a very private person, you are not welcome to these kind of site. Because these sites will get your public information to find and search a person that is your friend, was your friend and can be your friend. Basically, it’s all about friendship!

But you got to be careful in sending out your personal details, learn who to trust. Otherwise, you will end up being expose to everyone. But if you’re an outgoing/adventurous person who loves to try new and exciting things then this is for you. Meet new friends through online is not bad, as long as there are limitations. So be careful when using these social media sites and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Who is searching for you?

  1. Great Information , Very nice and helpful,

    Today internet world everybody is going through social networking website and some others also ..

    We need to be maintain our privacy …


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