Whispering Angel Books' Review

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It is a great honor for me and for my blog to be chosen by Ms. Lynn C. Johnston to give a review for her Whispering Angel Books. Thank you Ms. Lynn and sorry if this a bit too late. Also thanks for a friend of mine(Nancy) who introduced me to the author. 🙂

As an introduction, Ms. Lynn C. Johnston has been awarded five Editor’s Choice and two President’s Awards for Literary Excellence for her poetry. Along with her other inspirational books: Nurturing Paws, Hope Whispers, Angel’s Dance and Living Lessons. I’m gonna go in deeper to each books.

Nurturing Paws
Most of us humans love animals right? Although some doesn’t for some reasons. But as they say, “Dogs are man’s best friend.” I agree, a lot of us love dogs. Usually, every houses in a subdivision has a dog. We have a dog and we love him so much, he’s still young. He replaced our 10-year-old dog, Mikee whom we really really love especially my Dad. I even cried when he died for an unknown reason. But looking forward to this new puppy, named Justin. I hope he will live longer and share a lot of happy moments with us.

Nurturing Paws contains 80 uplifting and inspirational short stories and poems dedicated to our beloved animals. Authors have been sharing their experiences about their pets and how did these pets enlightened or rather saved their lives. I believe that animals can be our hero too, if you do and you love animals this book is for you.

Hope Whispers
We all have our own inspirational stories because we live and we are learning from our problems and from our everyday trials. People must have been sharing their inspirational stories to inspire other hopeless people. And as I’m reading this book, each page always reminds me that we have a LIVING GOD. Praise God for the miracles that he’s given us everyday. If you love to read inspirational stories, this book is for you.

Hope Whispers is an anthology of inspirational poems and short stories. Learn how their faith gave them hope while struggling from problems. Witness how Jesus made a way to save their lives.

Note: Image above for Hope Whispers isn’t the actual book, it’s just a printed version of the book. The actual book is just similar to the other 3.

Angel’s Dance

Angel’s Dance is a Collection of Uplifting & Inspirational Poetry written by Ms. Lynn C. Johnston. Every poem has it’s own introductory or summary, every poem is inspiring and will touch your inner soul. They are poems about love, friendship, encouragement, faith, family and a lot more.

Living Lessons

Living Lessons is an inspirational collection of short stories and poems focusing on lessons in life, optimism and courage. This is for the people who are sometimes hopeless, uninspired. You have to know some lessons in life that were being experienced by different people. Sometimes it is much better to learn from the experience of others. Do not wait for bad things to happen in your life. Read this book and be inspired.

I hope you all love my review about these wonderful books. These are best for a Christmas Gift! Inspire your family and friends by buying them a copy of these books on Christmas so they may continue their lives glorifying God. Here’s the site: Whispering Angel Books.

There are often promo codes for books, and possibly even a current one for Whispering Angel.

God bless you all.

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