What's The Name of This Font?

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Have you been given a task of finding a font’s name? Or you found a great header in a website and want to know what the font name is? I’ll show you a tutorial which I discovered using a site and hope this will help you.

Get an image of the font. Either save it as an image or if you just found it in a website you can just make a screenshot of it – a clear screenshot(meaning only the letters are shown). Example of the screenshot below:

– It should be large/big in size.
– It should be clear and not blurry.

As for the photo above, it’s just an ordinary font which is “Tahoma”. It will be easier for the tool to recognize the font’s name if it’s just an ordinary or system font.

Then, go to this website. http://new.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/

– Browse and upload the photo
– or get the URL of the image
– then hit ‘Continue’

– Make sure the letters written on each boxes are correct. If not, change it.
– And hit ‘Continue’

And here’s the result! There are 5 results for that image but the first two got it right already. So if you’re not sure with the font’s name better check it out now using this tool.

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  1. woah! this is amazing yet very helpful sis ah.. 😀 ngayon ko lng nalaman toh. amazed na amazed ako! ahihihihihihi.. 😀 thanks for sharing this one out sis! <3

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