What About Leap Year?

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I’m seriously not aware that today is the leap day. I know about the leap year but didn’t give any attention to it because I thought it was just an ordinary day. Well, it was for me. Until I saw the posts of other bloggers about it and asking what are the things that we did today. Since I’m not aware, I did nothing. I don’t think it’ll affect my remaining days and months for this year so I didn’t bother.

Anyways, for you who doesn’t know about this leap thingy. I have some facts and trivia for you to read.

  • Leap year only occurs every 4 years.
  • Once it’s a leap year, it will automatically adds another day in the month of February. We usually have 28 as the last day of February but when it is a leap year, we have until February 29.
  • Babies that are being born on February 29 are called leaplings or leapers.
  • Find baby coupons and buy that leapling a special toy.
  • If you are a leap baby, you will going to choose to celebrate your birthday on either February 28 or March 1.
  • In Scotland, if you are born on February 29 then you are consider as bad luck.
  • In Greece, it is unlucky to set your wedding date on February 29 or to the entire leap year.
  • In some other countries, women are allowed to propose to their boyfriends and if the guy refuses they will be force to pay a penalty, either gowns or 12 pair of gloves.

About the last trivia, I don’t think it’s just fair. It’s like you’re forcing a guy to marry you. Because if he refuses, he will pay a penalty. What if he’s not serious with your relationship? Then you will end up marrying the wrong guy? Anyway, it’s just for fun. I don’t think they’re still following this tradition. I respect that. 🙂

  1. So what did you today?
  2. Are you also unaware of this?
  3. Have you enjoyed the trivia?
  4. Did you learn something?


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15 thoughts on “What About Leap Year?

  1. well, it was just an ordinary day for me.. Well, regarding of other's tradition about the said date, yeah im unaware of it. the trivia about the leap year, it was fun.. and I now I know why do some of the pages post the image of a woman proposing to a man.. lol..

  2. ahaha, the last trivia made me laugh.

    here in our country there are a lot of "pamahiins" about being born in the month of February, whether its a leap or not, they say if you were born Feb. you are "sumpungin" hehe

  3. It was more on a pay day for me and my friends. I don't practice any traditions for a leap day. We just pigged out then!:) Have you seen the movie Leap Year?one of your trivia, i also knew it from there..the lady proposes!:)

  4. I really love these interesting facts about leap year! And my boyfriend asked me if there is something remarkable about my last leap year so that would be last 2008? Can't recall anything.

  5. Grabe bad luck agad pag pinanganak ng Feb 29? Samantalang dito, unique yung mga ganun ang birthday hehe.

    Nakakaloka yung trivia. Sana ganyan sa Pinas. Magpopropose ako sa lahat ng lalake. Hahahaha.

  6. Oh! I am shocked while reading this. "In some other countries, women are allowed to propose to their boyfriends and if the guy refuses they will be force to pay a penalty, either gowns or 12 pair of gloves."

    Well, it's kinda weird. :/

  7. about number four ganun ung sa leap year na movie eh. ung girl gusto mgprpose sa birthday nya kasi un ung pamahiin nila. i think its in dublin.
    So what did you today? nothing. work lng ~ nothing special
    Are you also unaware of this? Aware but didnt bother
    Have you enjoyed the trivia? I do!
    Did you learn something? and yesss and thats what i always get whenever i visit your site cei! 🙂

  8. My leap day was just like any ordinary day.. ^^ I guess the one thing that made it special was I got to try Yugoslavian food for the first time.. haha.. XD

    Btw, thanks for sharing the trivias! I also feel the same about the last one.. >.< I hope people in those countries aren't following that tradition na. It's just unfair.

  9. I was too excited for Feb. 29 coz I know its the last day and I'll have my salary the next day. haha! Nothing fancy..for me it's just another day.. and yes, that last trivia is pretty much unfair. hehe.

  10. So.. leaper pala yung friend ko. Ipinanganak siya Feb29 eh. hehe..

    I think that practice is… weird. Okay lang siguro na magpropose, pero yung kapag nag say NO sya, eh magbabayad sya ng penalty. ngek!

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