Uniden HomePatrol Police Scanner

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Uniden HomePatrol Police Scanner

Due to recent natural disasters and unfortunate events, people are more concerned than ever about knowing what’s going on around them. The news isn’t always broadcasting the story or what’s going on in your neighborhood. Rather than be caught unaware, prepare yourself with a digital scanner. The Uniden HomePatrol 1 from BearCatWarehouse.com allows you to listen in and hear communication updates from weather spotters, public safety, aircraft, military, and more, helping you prepare for whatever is coming your way. It’s as easy as entering in your zip code, the Uniden HomePatrol-1 digital scanner does the rest. With a GPS accessory, you can even take your scanner on the road with you as you travel, so you can avoid police activity due to accidents and make plans should there be a severe weather warning. The Uniden HomePatrol-1 is ideal because there’s little to no programming. It’s a TrunkTracker IV, allowing you to monitor major communication equipment used by officials.

Coving the US and Canada, it’s ideal for travel and also has S.A.M.E. emergency/weather alert. There is quick record and playback as well as instant replay. With a daylight viewable display, you don’t have to worry about using the monitor in the bright sun. Best of all, there’s nothing to subscribe to, so no monthly payments. If you are uncomfortable with electronics, BearCat Warehouse will set your scanner up with everything you need, including local police and fire frequencies. They will also keep you up to date with the most recent firmware for your scanner.

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  1. so easy to set up in about 10 mins. works well, i bought the adapters at radioshack so i can hook it up to my outdoor scanner antenna and my mobile antenna as well. downloads the software update with ease.

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