Top 8 Most Wanted and Budget Gifts for Summer 2013

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Most women love summer more than men do. This explains why women shop more when summer comes. This is also another time of the year for them to yearn for gifts from their loved ones. Whether you are a boyfriend or husband trying to please your woman, or you’re just a friend who wish to make her feel better, then here are some gifts you won’t regret buying for her but always make sure to get the best quality and the best price for your gifts. Look for good deals and discounted prices at Coupon raja so it’s always worth it!

1. Swimsuits

The question here is whether you will go for one-piece or two-piece swimsuit. There are also lots of designs, colors and prints to choose from. And don’t forget to consider the size. One advise to never go wrong is by giving this surprise gift while you’re with her. Go shopping together and buy her a swimsuit she likes.


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2. Flip flops

This is one of the most affordable gift you can gift to anyone. Pastel colors or even brighter shade are perfect for this season. You don’t really have to buy expensive brands. After all, it is about the comfort.


3. Cover ups

Cover ups are very much needed when hitting the beach. You don’t always flaunt your bikini or your bare skin. You have to use cover ups to protect yourself from the damaging rays of the sun. This is a perfect and easy to find gift from gift shops.


4. Sunblock and tanning lotions

Why don’t you give your friend a cute or personalized travel pack! Of course you don’t have to include all the toiletries. Just the basic necessities for summer especially if you think she will have a summer getaway soon. Shower gels, lotions and sunblocks are a must and she will thank you for it!


5. Personalized Towels

Towels come in different sizes and colors. This is an ideal gift for both men and women. Workout towel and wrap around towel are easy to find and very affordable.

personalized towels

6. Water-proof Makeup

All the makeup junkies will love to receive this type of gift. Take note, not just an ordinary makeup but waterproof makeup. You will easily find waterproof mascara and lipstick for your loved ones. Why water-proof? Because it’s summer and everyone wants to spend time swimming and sunbathing!

waterproof makeup

7. Accessories

This gives you an option to buy simple yet meaningful stuff. A load of accessories can make a woman really happy. You have plenty of items to choose from when we talk about accessories. We have bangles, hair accessories, earrings and other pieces of jewelries that are summer-ready.


8. Hotel Accommodation

Feeling a little nice to give your friend extra something special this summer? Then book her a flight to a top summer hot spot and include free hotel stay or accommodation. You don’t have to splurge millions to do this. Right now, there are lots of online offers to take advantage of.

hotel accommodation

These are just few gift suggestions for summer. These top items can guarantee you an enjoyable sense of gift-giving! At times you might find some of the above mentioned products bit expensive given that you are short on cash. In case you want to save money you can look up for coupon codes and discount vouchers online, there is abundance of shopping sites which happily accept coupons which can be used to save some money. Good luck

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  1. When buying romantic gifts for her, it’s often more about the gesture and the meaning than the romantic gift itself. While there are of course some women in the world who’ll value a Tiffany trinket above a heart-shaped fried egg mould, the majority of women love romantic gifts that show you’re on her wavelength, and can remember little details about her, and about your relationship, as well as she can. The sort of little details that she doesn’t expect you to remember; when you show her that these little details are important to you too, this can be a romantic gift for her in itself.

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