Top 3 Engagement Ring Designers

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Verragio, Tacori and Cartier Wedding Rings


Verragio wedding rings feature the designer’s trademark innovative designs with high quality 18k gold, 18k yellow gold and platinum bands.

The Verragio Eterna Collection showcases luxurious styles of wedding bands with top-quality diamonds. The collection includes wedding rings with exquisite designs ranging from a single row of joint prong-set round brilliant diamonds to interlaced rows of pave-set round brilliant gems. The Verragio Couture Collection includes even more unique designs, with the curved diamond wedding band, a sophisticated spin on the traditional round band style, lined with sparkling gems.

Verragio men’s wedding bands showcase strong lines and masculine styles. The IN-GAUGE Collection offers cutting-edge designs, with black enamel filler on the inside and sandblasted exteriors for a striking contrast and eye-catching appearance.

Verragio wedding bands usually range from $1,400 to $16,400.


Tacori wedding rings offer His and Hers styles in many classic designs as well as more unique ones, all set in high quality 18K white gold or sparkling platinum. The popular designer has made a name in the jewelry world for featuring top-notch quality and craftsmanship.

Tacori wedding rings come in modern, classic and heirloom styles, with hand-engraved options for that extra personal touch to show your lasting love how much you care.

The modern Tacori wedding rings include elegant lines and new twists on the classic wedding band styles, with intricate diamond-encrusted designs for Her and elegant decorative lines swirling the men’s
wedding bands. The Tacori classic wedding rings include traditional white gold or platinum, round bands as well as more delicate designs with small diamond-encrusted bands. Tacori’s heirloom style rings have exquisite and luxurious designs, ranging from sizeable diamond stunners with antique-inspired styles to interlaced bands.

Tacori wedding rings usually cost from $880 to $16,000.


Cartier wedding rings offer exquisite styles of wedding bands ranging from clean lines in the Classic Collection to more ornate pieces in the Gem-set or Emblematic collections.

Cartier’s Classic wedding ring collection includes traditional styles of wedding bands in platinum or 18k gold settings. Whether you want a sleek, slim band or a thicker, round style with a diamond accent, the

classic wedding band collection has plenty of choices.

Gem-set wedding rings come with a choice of 18k yellow gold, 18k pink gold and platinum bands. The gems in the collection range from sleek bands with a single diamond to brilliant-cut diamond-encrusted bands.

The Emblematic Collection has the world-renowned name Cartier engraved in each band, with some engraved on the outside and some on the inside. Each classic design in the collection includes 18K pink
gold bands in sleek, classic designs. Some of the bands are classic and elegant, with no gems, and others have a single gleaming diamond.

Cartier diamond wedding bands range from $525 to $32,500.

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