Top 10 Affordable and Coolest Lingerie Brands in 2013

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Aside from swimsuit, lingerie is the next hottest thing this 2013. A lot of popular brands are competing in terms of designs and price ranges. Of course there are those who have been established long ago but for a smart consumer, it is not always about the popularity of the brand. There are lots of things to consider when choosing a lingerie. After all, you have to feel sexy wearing lingerie and not guilty for spending tons of money for just a particular item. But if ever you want to buy one so bad and you’re out of cash, you can always look for coupon codes and discount vouchers at These coupons will help you to get one at a very reasonable price.

Here are the ten recommended brands which will not hurt your pocket:

1. Carine Gilson

You will never find an underwear which is handmade and affordable except from Carine Gilson. It has been out in the market since 1994 and has been one of the crowd’s favorites. What makes this creation really special are the materials used. Of course girls love the finest silk on their skin plus the laces that will make them sexier.

Carine Gilson

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2. Chantal Thomass

Wear fashionable lingerie with this brand! There’s a great selection for every woman and you won’t go wrong with their lovely collections. Whether you’re feeling naughty or simply especial, wearing this kind of inner garment can really be rewarding.

Chantal Thomass

3. Aubade

It is easy to get Aubade lingerie from Amazon or their website. It is actually the home of strapless bras and tanga since 1970. If you are looking for corsets, knickers , moulded plunge bras or even push up panties, you will find it here. They offer a lot of waist slimming outfit to highlight your sexy figure.


4. Claire Pettibone

This is the ideal lingerie if you would like to score romantic look. What’s cool about this brand are the bridal creations featuring sexy thongs, lovely camis and see-through chemises. Feel like a goddess with princess-like lingerie styles.

Claire Pettibone

5. Cosabella

Cosabella is one of the popular brands chosen by celebrities like Paris Hilton, Katie Holmes and Sarah Jessica Parker. It is all a matter of preference. But if these ladies want them, then you should get the idea.


6. La Perla

Corsets fanatic will always love La Perla. Find less expensive designs that will suit your mood. And if you feel like spending more tonight, then go for jewel-inspired lingerie from La Perla.

La Perla

7. Frankly Darling

You probably see this on fashion show! If you are dreaming to know how it feels to be a lingerie model, then find a Frankly Darling lingerie now. You can be chic and classy at the same time with their various styles.

Frankly Darling

8. Damaris

This brand has been featured in Vogue and Elle so should have an idea why those sexy models prefer this brand. Get that body sculpt from this lingerie.


9. Ravage

It is not just about bra. Ravage has a lot to offer not only for slim girls but also to busty females and XL sizes.


10. Roberto Cavalli Intimo

You should be able to afford luxury with Roberto Cavalli. Be super feminine with different sexy creations. If you’re feeling wild then try animal prints. There are also flowery designs if you wish to settle for a girly look.

Roberto Cavalli Intimo

With lots of lingerie brands around you, it may be confusing to get the right choice. You may compare and contrast all of them but you should always trust your own instinct. Choosing the best one that perfectly fits on your body is already worth it, what if you can buy also buy it at your lowest price? Remember that before you buy any of these, always find coupon codes first so instead of only having 1 lingerie, you can still buy 2 or more! Be money savvy! 🙂

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