The Majestic

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Have you watched Jim Carrey’s movie, The Majestic? I was just fascinated from one of the scenes where in Peter Appleton(Jim Carrey) caught in a car accident and woke up in a small town called Lawson with no memory at all. Then all the people in that town recognize him as Luke Trimble(another person that looks exactly like him). They all thought that Luke was already dead from World War II but his father still hoping that his son is still alive and by seeing Peter that has resemblance with Luke, he assume that Peter was his long-lost son. And then all of them rejoice for the thought that Luke is still alive. Since Peter lost his memory, he also believe and tried to accept that he is Luke – which isn’t true.

When I watched this movie, I suddenly thought that this scenario is really possible and I just hope that this will also happen to me. Isn’t that exciting? Losing your memory and ends up in an unknown place where people in that town knows who you are in a different way. That results of living a second life in another person’s life. This is really helpful especially to a person that has a lot of bad memory and wants to forget everything.

6 thoughts on “The Majestic

  1. but one way or another your past will still visit you in a way~ lucky if not though. indeed it'd be cool to have a second life, to forget and erase bad memories!!! 🙂

    I haven't seen this movie, might check it out since you say so :3 And i like Jim Carrey movies :3

  2. This movie sound nice I'm gonna look for it online and watch it 😀 hehehe
    I used wish I would loose my memory and live a new life hahah but yeahh I don't think loosing my memory will solve anything hahaha ..

  3. this movie sounds good.. Now I'm up for watching it some time this week.. I havent gotten any chance of watching any movies lately.. rawrr thanks for sharing this though

    off-topic: at sumu hosting sis.. but is hosted by hexsolutions. :)))) im using tumblr though as's webhost

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