The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

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“The Lazy Song”, the latest song of Bruno Mars that will surely make a big hit next to Billionaire, Grenade, Marry You and Just the way you are. I first saw the video last night on MYX Daily Top Ten which took it’s place to #1 slot! A lot of people really love him and his songs. I, personally can relate to any of it. And because I’m so Addicted with “The Lazy Song”, I made a video lyrics of it. Unfortunately, it was banned by Youtube because of some copyrights. This song is for all of the people that loves to procrastinate or which we called “Lazy People” haha!

For the Official Music Video. Click here

4 thoughts on “The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

  1. Hi, I actually have it and downloaded it on my computer and listens to the song on lazy sunday afternoons haha. the song is good 🙂

    visiting you with

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