The Evolution of Your Dating Life: How Your Views of Romance Change Over Time

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It’s no secret that dating means something different at each stage of your life. Your priorities and outlook change dramatically between graduating uni and settling down – from the indecision and insecurity of your 20s, to finding your feet career-wise in your 30s, to finding true peace and happiness in your 40s.

Every stage of your life brings new challenges, new adventures, and new relationships. Here’s a little preview of what’s in store…

Dating in your 20s

Whether it’s travelling the world, going on blind dates or hitting the clubs, your 20s bring excitement, new experiences and a whole world of possibility. In prospective dates, you’re looking for someone who shares your taste in music and TV. You’re going out, meeting new people, and seeing the world.

You’re at a point in your life where your friends play a huge role in your dating life, so the guys you’re spending time with need to be approved by the collective. Once they’ve got the seal of approval, it’s all about getting to know them – and figuring out what lies ahead.

…and in your 30s

Once you hit your 30s, different priorities start to creep in. You begin to focus on your career and getting ahead, and it becomes harder to meet new people – that is, when you can find the time. That’s why sites such as eHarmony Australia have great tools to help you find the guy for you, helping you meet your match based on key compatibility criteria.

The great thing about being in your 30s is having the confidence to go after what you really want, be it a shopping spree or that next great love. Whether you’re looking for someone to build a house or start a family with, now’s the point when you’re looking for someone to love you simply because you’re yourself.

…and in your 40s

By the time you’ve reached your 40s, chances are you’ve had some meaningful relationships and decided what truly matters to you. Finding someone to share that with needn’t be difficult. It’s all about finding someone special whose personality truly complements yours – someone who makes you laugh, makes you think, and wants to see you succeed.

You needn’t search too hard if you’re looking for more information about finding someone who’s right for you.

3 thoughts on “The Evolution of Your Dating Life: How Your Views of Romance Change Over Time

  1. Dating is the most exciting part of a life of teens and lovers. And make sure that you should get happy and good experience on your date and in a date you should also know each other.

  2. Dating is normal for teens and through dating they know how to love a person and give romantic and emotional feelings to them.

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