Father Sacrificed his Son – A Touching Video

I want all of you if have some extra time to watch this very touching video. I don’t know if you already watched this video but I just want to share it to all of you especially to those who haven’t watched it yet. This video has been played in our church a while ago and we were all crying after watching it. I hope this will also touch your heart and make a very wise decision in your life. Please watch the video first before reading the conclusion. Don’t just focus on the video, please focus on the message it brings.


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Two Thousand Eleven – A Blessed Year

I also want to share Google’s Doodle for New Year 2012! 🙂

First of all, I want to THANK GOD for giving me a very blessed year. I can’t enumerate them all because they’re more than a million. 😉

I also want to thank YOU, my friend who is currently reading this sentence. 😀 I love you! I wish you all the best this coming new year, be happy because there’s no reason to be sad. 😀

I want to thank my READERS, without you my blog will not reach it’s 1st year anniversary tomorrow. And speaking of anniversary, I’m going to hold a contest/giveaway for everyone! I’m so excited! Please join okay? 🙂

I just want to thank, praise and glorify God for everything! Thank you for helping me, thank you for giving me the things that I did/didn’t asked for, thank you for the GRACE. I love you from the bottom of my heart. I will forever PRAISE YOU.

Happy New Year! Happy 1st Anniversary to BlogGirl.Us! Please continue to support and love my blog. <3