Spongecola – MYX Celebrity Vj's for March

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Spongecola is currently the Myx Celebrity Vj’s for this month. Seriously, I’m so excited. I think I’m going to watch Myx 24/7 just because of them. I super love them! Speaking of Myx, they will going to have their Myx Music Awards this coming Tuesday! I’m not aware who exactly the nominees are but the most important thing is the winner. 😀 I hope Spongecola is also nominated.

Photo Credits: www.myxph.com

5 thoughts on “Spongecola – MYX Celebrity Vj's for March

  1. WAAA buti kapa updated, ako di na nakakkanood ng myx 🙁 Anyways almo dati crush ko si Yael. Haha malamang crush mo yan no bwhaha. Ano naba bago nilang kanta? 🙂

  2. Same kami ni Nadine, hindi na updated! Ano ba yerns! Panu ba naman kasi eh Dora at Little Mermaid lang lagi yung pinapanood namin ni Kimy sa tv/dvd. Nkakasawa na nga eh. Haha. :))

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