Social Media and the Game of Love

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So you’ve met a guy and he’s asked you out on a date. Or maybe you’ve seen someone special you want to get to know better but don’t know how. Thanks to social media and online search engines, looking someone up online is easier than ever. You can check out their photos, friends and interests before you have ever spoken to them. But with so much info available what are the dos and don’ts of social media and modern dating?



Browsing through somebody’s Facebook page would seem to be OK and epitomises the excitement of voyeurism. If the user has their profile set to ‘public’, they probably don’t mind strangers looking at their page. If you like the look of someone and you know the person in the ‘real world’, why not say hello and see if you really like them in the flesh.

Update your relationship status

Once dating turns steady and you have got yourself a lovely boyfriend, tell people about it! Changing your relationship status on your profile shows him that you care and are proud to have him as your new love. And for all those singletons, advertising your single status lets people whom you befriend know that you’re available!

Find love online!

Using social media and other relationship websites is a great way of finding singles in your local area. Online, you can match members’ interests with your own – try using something like a free personality test at eHarmony to help you find a date to have fun with! And you can also find out a little about them before you meet in person.


Facebook stalk

You met a guy, went on a date and perhaps just weren’t suited to each other. Or maybe he really liked you, but you weren’t that impressed. Well, just like if someone doesn’t answer your phone call, if someone doesn’t answer your comment or message on Facebook, it probably means they’re not interested. They could be busy, but if it’s been a week with no reply, stop ‘liking’ everything they do and move on. As for stalkers, if someone is stalking you, block their profile and save yourself the hassle.

Obsessively visit

Repetitively visiting a stranger’s Facebook page for no reason other than to watch their every move is a little scary – and not much fun for you either! If you can’t stop doing it, why not ‘block’ them and take the temptation away.

Whether you’re hooked by internet dating at or checking out hot friends of friends on Facebook, use this guide to social media and modern dating!

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