Signs Every Business Must Have

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Even though every business functions a little differently, well-designed signs are able to help any business function more efficiently. Signs communicate necessary information to employees and provide helpful reminders on important topics. Safety, customer service techniques, and correct procedures are all communicated with the help of signs used in a business setting. Without these and other essential signs, employees are unaware of policies they need to follow and customers do not have the information they need to make a responsible purchasing choice. In fact, business signs are easily the most fundamental way that important information is conveyed in a professional setting. This is why having good signs is so important for a business.

Signs Required by Law

There are certain signs that businesses are required by law to display. These signs often relate to health, safety, and labor laws. For instance, signs informing employees of their rights as workers have to be prominently displayed. Signs reminding employees to wash their hands after using the restroom are also required in food service establishments.

Some of these signs are provided to businesses through relevant agencies. Other signs the business is responsible for providing themselves. These signs have to be clearly labeled and hung in visible locations. Required signs include:

  • No smoking signs
  • Employee hand washing signs
  • Restroom signs
  • Signs informing employees of required safety gear
  • Signs indicating restrooms and entrances that are wheelchair accessible
  • Exit signs
  • Emergency eye wash station, first aid kit, and fire extinguisher signs

Though not all businesses have eye wash stations or areas requiring safety gear, virtually every place of business will require signs for employee hand washing, no smoking, restrooms, and exits.

Selecting Your Required Signs

Even though businesses are required by law to display particular signs, business owners still have a considerable degree of flexibility when it comes to the way these signs look. You can choose classy brass or brushed aluminum signs or durable vinyl ones that adhere to the wall. These sign sets are designed to meet visibility standards and will stand up to many years of use. Many of these required signs are sold in sets from experienced sign makers; this is a great way to make sure that all required signs are accounted for. Buying required signs in sets is a great way to keep a consistent theme throughout the workplace while still ensuring that all the most important signs are taken care of.

Having Custom Signs Made

Though many businesses find it easier to simply purchase sets of pre-made business signs, the available options may not suit particular settings. Some business owners opt to work with a sign making service to have essential commercial signs made to their specifications. Though certain standards may need to be met with regards to visibility, professional sign makers can creatively meet these standards without sacrificing essential style elements. Custom signs can be made at very competitive prices, especially if they are being purchased in bulk. This is a great way to introduce design consistency throughout franchises and branch offices.

Sign companies have many products that help promote workplace safety and productivity. Even required signs can be designed to reflect the unique aspects of a business.

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