Sharetronix – Online Project Management Software

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Sharetronix - Online Project Management Software
Sharetronix – Online Project Management Software

Sharetronix is a Secure Social Network for Your Company. Collaborate with Your Coworkers, Clients, and Partners.

It is not just another social network site. It’s an Online project management software and a secure one that can be used for communications with the people inside your company, this includes coworkers, clients and partners.

You can choose between Sharetronix Micro and Sharetronix Enterprise.

Sharetronix Micro is FREE.

Features are:

  • Each use has it’s own profile that includes their personal and important details.
  • It has Dashboard for the members.
  • Multimedia support – you can share photos, audios and videos to everyone.
  • And Documents, wherein you can group your documents and also share them to your followers.

While Sharetronix Enterprise is a social business software. It is used if you are needing a mass group of help. Of course, Sharetronix Enterprise has a lot of features that the Sharetronix Micro. This will surely be helpful if you have lots of members to handle. Sharing important information to them is never easy so this software will help you do it. You can also request for a demo. This software isn’t free, price list is listed on their site.

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