Question-Based Search Queries Increase on Mobile Devices

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With the introduction of the Siri app for the iPhone 4S, attention ought to start shifting toward the power of question-based queries. “What ifs” and “what does’” are highly popular starts of countless searches on the World Wide Web. Now that a personal assistant app may start to act as a “middleman” between users and search engines, with such apps likely to become a standard feature on a prepaid cell phone in just a few years, Internet marketers and other online entrepreneurs ought to be paying more attention to question-based searches. It may very well become the dominant way either users or their personal assistant apps find the information being looked for.

Consider the fact that such searches triple in likelihood if the user is searching via mobile device rather than through a desktop. This reflects a growing demand for on-the-go information, something online entities of the not-too-distant future are going to have to be able to provide in order to become relevant. The fact of the matter is that web traffic is anticipated to quadruple by the middle of the decade. So many users are going to be searching the web with mobile devices and smartphones empowered with an AI personal assistant, that no one can afford to ignore the power of question-based queries.

But the ramifications of a post-Siri world as far as search engines are concerned goes beyond merely mastering the art of getting your site found through the entry of a question. The science behind the search itself – which up to this point has been an exclusively human operation – is most definitely going to change. The formulas and algorithms that Google and other search engines rely on are all based on the idea that humans are putting particular strings of keys into a search box. Add a new entity in the form of a personal assistant app, and all the rules will have to be rewritten.

No matter what, if you exist online, then you must start taking into consideration the dominating force of question-based queries, and the potential for question-driven personal assistant apps to change the dynamics of the search in years to come. The future of your online enterprise depends on it.


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