Protection for your iPhones!

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Do you have an iPhone? or any other touch-screen phones? If we have these kind of phones, we should handle it with care as they are very sensitive. They will easily break when they’re not used properly. Phones can be damaged by several reasons and most of them are water splashes and rain. If you’re texting while walking on the street then suddenly it rained or your friend accidentally dropped her glass of water beside your phone. Those are the common scenarios that can lead to our phone damaged or broken.

To prevent that, Blue Sky Fun is selling protective sleeves for iPhone and for any other touch-screen phones out there. This can protect our phones from water splashes, dirt, sticky fingers, sneezes, etc. It also have this Sound Boost Chamber™ feature so we will not going to have a wind sound whenever we have a call. Want to protect your phone? Try this cool Protective Sleeves! 🙂

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