PowerSting – Geophysical Instrument

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With geophysical engineering, it’s all about the methodology. However, if you don’t have the right type of equipment, you can spend a lot more time and receive less accuracy with your data collection. That’s why businesses, engineers and researchers depend on Advanced Geometrics, Inc. As a leading provider of geophysical instruments, you can find a lot of the products built from their innovative teams used by colleges, government agencies and industrial businesses. AGI creates a lot of different products from PowerSting high power external transmitters to resistivity meters and EarthImager 3D software. These are important tools for any data collection project, but they are also provide a more accurate reading for mine investigation, groundwater projects and civil engineering research. The PowerSting is the ultimate geophysical instrument, and this device uses the latest technology. The PowerSting is a new series of external high power transmitters that range from 5kW to 15kW and provide a constant current or voltage source.

In addition, they collect all of your data and use 2D electrical imaging, 3D electrical imaging and offset electrical imaging. That’s why so many civil engineers and researchers use AGI products. They simply offer the best tools for any type of data collection job. In addition to transmitters, you can find an abundance of meters, electrode systems and other geometric devices to help with your project. For any groundwater investigation, you can get the ultimate customer support experience. Technicians provide all the setup information and guide you through the data collection and interpretation process.

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