Parents are not the same

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Parents are really helpful not only to their children but also from other kids. Sometimes I learned a lot from other parents like from my friend’s parent or even a parent from other person who I don’t know personally. I also found out that not all parents are the same, not all parents have the same purpose to their children and not all parents love their children. Why do I say so? I don’t know if I’m right but I will say my point of view because that’s what I see from my parents. Sometimes I don’t feel that I don’t belong in this family. Most of the time that I feel hurt my parents don’t know it or should I say my parents cannot notice that I’m hurt or sad because I don’t say so. I thought parents know who their children are how come my parents still don’t who I am for almost 18 years? Every time I have a problem, I can’t tell them because they aren’t interested to hear it and they won’t even say a single word or a piece of advice that may help. That’s why I kept all of my problems inside my heart and if I couldn’t take it anymore I always seek God for help. My parents don’t have any plans for me or for my future and they aren’t proud of me because I stopped studying. They can’t even see my efforts. I don’t understand, I’m their only child but they didn’t showed how much they love me. They don’t even taught me how to love I just found it out by myself. I’m not mad at them actually, I’m just confused. I envy some of my friends who have very supportive parents. But I still love my parents; I have a lot of plans for them in the future. I am hurt when ever I see them crying or suffering in pain that I wish I could give them all the things that they want and all the happiness in the world. I hope they know how much I love them even though I don’t say the word “I love you” everyday. Maybe it’s my fault anyway. What do you think?

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8 thoughts on “Parents are not the same

  1. bait bait mo talagang bata. malay mo sis, same lang kayo ng parents mo na di ganon kagaling magexpress ng feelings 🙂 Magiging okay din yan someday. It takes time.

  2. yes. there are no such thing as similar parents. tao pa lang nga, magkakaiba na from another. 🙂
    you can try day by day to tell them how you feel sis. just be sincere and do it step by step. wag biglaan. 🙂 Aja sistaaar! lab yoh!

  3. If you have problems, just try to open up sa kanila, or sa mom mo lang muna. I'm an only child din and before, I can say na parang d kmi ganun ka close ng mom ko but dumating ung point na super down ako at wala ako malapitan, I tried telling her about it and dun ko lng nalaman na ok pla kapag nag open up ako sa kanya kasi she listens then binibigyan ako ng advice. Parang naiintindihan nya ako. If ul ask me if cnu ung bestfriend ko, I will proudly say it's my mom. Try mo din mag first move sis bka kaw lng hinihintay ng mom or dad mo. Wala naman mawawala sau if mag try ka, dba. *Hugs* 🙂

  4. im sorry that you feel that way about your parents, but don't think that they don't love you. parents are also individual people who have their own problems, who knows your mom might also been suffering from insecurity and such, as well as your dad, second they might also have problems dealing with issues in life. i dont think they are proud of themselves that you stopped schooling, because education is the main concern of parents, maybe they just dont know how to express their feelings about it. try to talk to your mom first, and see how she reacts, but even if she gets mad don't fret or get scared, they should know what's happening to you because they are the ones who's responsible for you. just try first…

  5. only child ka lang pala? same pala tayo.. ai no.hihi! xD I had a kuya but he died.. now I'm the only child. It's pains us that we can't give them what they're really expecting from us. the part that I hate the most. maybe they're longing for something within you, like a sweet you. but I guess it's something that should be talked about. I feel like we're the same in some point.

  6. Aww. if ever magkaron man ako ng isang anak lang. papadama ko sa knya lahat ng di ko naranasan sa parents ko. ako nmn lumaki sa di ko tunay na tatay. pero dinadala ko ang surname ng dad ko now. although when i was 17. alam ko na hindi xa ang tatay ko. last yr ko lng nalaman from my sis about my father nung pinagbubuntis ko si lain and she also said that my biological father died last 2006. sabi nila nakita ko na daw siya when i was young but i can't remember him.
    pero ngayon lng ako halos nagsasabi ng prob sa mama ko. but most of the time lagi kami nagaaway lalo na pg tungkol sa money. super hate ko xa about that. >..<
    well we just have to accept the fact na, ganun sila. at need natin tanggapin un. let's just spend our happy days with them. mahirap na kasi kapag nawala sila satin, then dun lng natin marealize na dapat ginawa natin ung mga masasayang araw nung nandito pa sila. dba dba? 😀
    so be happy sis!! na andyan parin sila for you no matter what. di naman nila kayang itakwil ka dahil ikaw parin nag nagiisa nilang anak! cheer up! kasi ung iba ulila na. :s

  7. maybe kasi that's the way they were brought up too. just make one step closer, sis, it's your move… and in time magiging open na rin kayo, especially in the aspect of showing and telling your feelings.

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