The Majestic

Have you watched Jim Carrey’s movie, The Majestic? I was just fascinated from one of the scenes where in Peter Appleton(Jim Carrey) caught in a car accident and woke up in a small town called Lawson with no memory at all. Then all the people in that town recognize him as Luke Trimble(another person that looks exactly like him). They all thought that Luke was already dead from World War II but his father still hoping that his son is still alive and by seeing Peter that has resemblance with Luke, he assume that Peter was his long-lost son. And then all of them rejoice for the thought that Luke is still alive. Since Peter lost his memory, he also believe and tried to accept that he is Luke – which isn’t true.

When I watched this movie, I suddenly thought that this scenario is really possible and I just hope that this will also happen to me. Isn’t that exciting? Losing your memory and ends up in an unknown place where people in that town knows who you are in a different way. That results of living a second life in another person’s life. This is really helpful especially to a person that has a lot of bad memory and wants to forget everything.

Very much thankful for 2010

2009 wasn’t that good to me and so before January 1, 2010 came I promised, prayed and talked to God that I will do anything just to make me and my family happy and get what we want this year. And that’s what I did, though it’s hard and needs patience and a lot of time I spent my whole year working as a Virtual Assistant and a Blogger. With that, some( I cannot say “all” 😀 ) of the promises and wishes to God came true. With all my hard works, I gave my family the happiness they deserved. Speaking of happiness, God also gave me my “dream boyfriend”, the one I’m wishing for. Though he’s not perfect, he’s really my happiness before and until now even though we’re already separated for some reasons. Above all here are the things God gave to me and that I’m thankful for:

  • Job.
  • Boyfriend.
  • New Cellphone.
  • I won an iPad Gadget on Namecheap’s Trivia Contest
  • More friends.
  • Good Health.
  • Problems that made me stronger than before.
  • God’s undying love.

Thank you God! Thank you 2010! You never failed me. Lesson I’ve learned? Just keep on believing that anything is possible in God’s hands. Be sure to exert effort in everything you do and prove to everyone that you deserve an award. God first.