Pacific Stereo

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If you own a vehicle, including a marine vehicle, you probably use your electronic devices in it. For many people their car has become their office, thus making reliable mobile communication a necessity. And then, of course, is the pleasure an extraordinary system adds to your ride! carries electronic devices and components for vehicles. Speakers, GPS units, radios, game consoles and controllers and just about anything else imaginable can be found. Categories to search for cars are audio, video, navigation, iPod & MP3 and security. The marine category carries audio equipment. Brand names starting with Alpine and going to XPresskit with such names as Pioneer, JVC and Boomz in between encompass a few of the forty brand names they carry.

Pacific Stereo hasn’t forgotten the family element for a vehicle. When traveling with kids a back seat entertainment system is sure to help make their time in the car more pleasant and alleviate the universal “are we there, yet?” question! An overhead video system with added headphones is sure to keep them entertained and content. Add an iPod, iPhone or MP3 integration and the kids can stay connected to their friends- a sure hit to keep their attention!

Professional installation is available at the three Pacific Stereo brick and mortar stores in California. If ordering online any of the units can be installed by a reputable installer. Customer service representatives are available to answer any questions about installation or for any other concern. Full manufacturer warranties and a 30-day money-back guarantee on every purchase are bound to ensure customer satisfaction.

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