Not Receiving Notifications on my Facebook Fan Page – SOLVED!

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Last few months, whenever someone likes my fan page, dropped a comment, posting a message on my wall and sending a private message I get to receive a notification. However, due to this Facebook’s recent changes and updates I am not receiving any notifications from my facebook fan page at all!

Is this your problem? I found a solution for you to receive notifications again.

Follow the instructions though screenshot below:

Log in to your Facebook Account > click the arrow near “Home” > and use Facebook as “Your Fan Page Name Here”. (Click the name of your fan page)
It will bring you to your Facebook Fanpage > Click “EDIT PAGE” > and click “MANAGE NOTIFICATIONS”
Tick the box or Check the “ONSITE NOTIFICATION” box > Save Changes. MAKE SURE IT IS CHECKED!!!

Did you follow the instructions? Then you will be able to receive notifications now! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Not Receiving Notifications on my Facebook Fan Page – SOLVED!

  1. I experience the same problem on my personal page, but when I try to apply your answer in this case, it doesn’t work. Do you by any chance know how to solve this problem when it applies to your personal FB page? Many thanks in advance!

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