New Version of Rockmelt

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Are you having a hard time using the new version of RockMelt? Well, I do. I’m going to share an experience. Last week, RockMelt made a big changes that lead me to dislike the browser itself. Even though the new look and features are good, I still did not like it.

Why? I have two main reasons

  1. The chat from is disabled and enabled from the browser by default. RockMelt has a built-in chat messenger from facebook, just so you know.
  2. The notification bar from is gone because of the new features of RockMelt. They have the facebook’s notification bar on their own toolbar which I really really hate!

However, you can fix everything back to normal through the option of this browser. I still choose RockMelt as my default browser because it loads fast. Want to try it? Visit their website,

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