New Layout for BlogGirl.Us Sept 09

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Hi there BlogGirls and Readers! I decided to create a new layout for my blog coz I think it deserves to have a own theme. This is my first premade theme for by the way.

What about the layout? It’s just a simple one with header and a white background. I don’t want to add more decorations in it I just feel it this way and this kind of layout is my type, actually. It is widgetized and I also added back the CBOX so you can leave your marks there. What can you say? Does it load slow on your system? *Please answer, I need your feedback. Thank you!*

2 thoughts on “New Layout for BlogGirl.Us Sept 09

  1. eto ba yung post na naeexcite ka? hehe.
    pink na pink ah. ayos :))
    mas okay tong three column kasi andami mong chuchu na kailangan ilagay hehehe.
    nga pala sis yung seo tutorials asan na? :))

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