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This update was scheduled last week(Thursday); however, some of us still don’t have the new status layout of facebook. So here’s the screenshot and the features:

That’s the new status layout of Facebook as of August 29, 2011. Some love it while others hate it. So far, it is good. Facebook gaves us a wide control of our privacy which I think is the best. Personally, I love it!

By this feature, you can control the people who’ll see and comment on your post. Nearly similar to the old one but I guess this is much easier to use.

Facebook Developers also added 2 new functions or features which can customized your posts.

You can now add a person or persons who is(are) currently with you.

And you can also add the place where you currently at.

There is another new feature of Facebook which is the “Ticker” located at the right side of your Facebook Homepages but they’re no longer active anymore as I’ve heard a lot of users don’t like it. I guess, they took it off.I just don’t know if they’re going to put it back. So how’s the New Layout?

6 thoughts on “New Facebook Status Layout

  1. i didn't see the ticker… late nag update ung akin eh. i kinda don't like the new layout. parang ginaya ung google plus eh. 😀

    OT: sis tinag kita sa slambook post ko sa blog. :))

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