New Facebook Photo Viewer

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As far as I remember a lot of people complained when Facebook updated and changed the Photo Viewer into a JQuery-Gallery-look-like or the one with the same feature of LightBox in WordPress. They wanted to get back the old one but they didn’t make it and just continue to use it.

And now; along with the New Facebook Status Layout and New Facebook Home Page(sidebar) Layout, Facebook also changed their Photo Viewer which looks exactly like this.

The current photo viewer is still the same with it’s pop-up thingy. The only differences are the color changed from black to white, photo options are now on the right side and it is now more organize. I love this more than the old one. So have you already got this photo viewer on your account? How was it? what can you say?

One thought on “New Facebook Photo Viewer

  1. Its a lousy photo viewer, my detailed pictures were re-sized horribly. And the white frame. What were they thinking? The contrast of the frame to the photo is annoying. If facebook keep on messing things up, maybe its time to move to Google+.

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