New Facebook Features September 21

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Facebook has changed and added some new features again as of September 21, 2011. This time, the changes are on the homepage wall where our friend’s updates displayed.

  • Top stories and most recent updates are now in one place.
  • If you haven’t visited for a week, there will be a blue corner arrow that marks updates which Facebook thinks will be interesting to you.
  • This will based on how are you related to the person who posted the update/stauts and on how many likes and comments it has.

Facebook also changed it’s navigation/menu bar. On my other account, the menu bar is fixed at the top of the screen so even if you are at the bottom of the page the menu bar will stay on it’s place. I just don’t know if it’s a permanent update.

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  • We can also see bigger and clearer photos on our homepage wall.
  • When we are tagged(photo) by our friends, added photos and commented on our own or other photos.

Do you like it? I somehow do because it’s new to my eyes; however, it’s so confusing and loads slow but I guess just like the previous one we will also get use to it. Remember, Facebook is FREE.

3 thoughts on “New Facebook Features September 21

  1. This new update blows. I have too many friends and top news is in the way of recent news… and now they changed news to stories. STORIES? come on.

    The new update is a fail!

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