New Facebook Features September 2011

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Facebook has new features which help us organize our friend lists. These include subscriptions wherein you can subscribe to the latest wall/status updates of your friends. To enable this, just go to your friend’s profile page or wall then click Subscribe. You can also choose which updates of your friend that you want to receive.

Another thing is the Friend Lists. As you can see on your Facebook homepages, there’s a group of lists on your left sidebar helping us to easily view and read updates from our friend lists. For e.g. all of your classmates are on the list of “classmates” so updates that you’re going to see from that lists are only from your classmates.

Personally, I love this idea especially if you have tons of friends and if most of them are just anonymous or you barely know. And if you want to track your close friends’ updates then this should be helpful. Do you like it?

One thought on “New Facebook Features September 2011

  1. i kinda like facebook's new features minus the one on their tagged photos. nagulat ako.. hindi ko naman friend, nakakapag comment sa pic? unfair lang. do you know how to edit that sis? kunyari tinag mo friend mo sa picture… ung mga friends niya pwedeng mag-comment… which sucks. hahaha.

    other than that.. okay naman. 😀

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