New Facebook Feature: Promoting Posts

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How to Promote Posts on Facebook?

Facebook Users can now promote their personal posts, fan page posts, business posts, advertising posts, etc., to their friends and followers. However, in order for you to promote you have to pay for about $1-$2 but I guess the price will depend on your post. You cna pay using your credit cards and through Paypal(there are still other choices).

New Facebook Feature Promoting Posts
New Facebook Feature Promoting Posts

Benefits of Promoting your Posts

  • Your promoted post/s will be at the top of a non-promoted post.
  • When your friends log in their Facebook accounts, your promoted post/s will be the first post/s they will ever see/read.
  • If you are promoting your post that includes your website URL or advertising your product then expect a great traffic/income.

Is this a good idea or not? Drop your comments below! 🙂

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