My Rivals on It Girl

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Yesterday It Girl on Facebook had a maintenance which I thought that this update is going to give us new features, new games, new outfits, etc. However, my It Girlfriends told me that there were no changes at all; nothing’s new, still the same. I’m kind of disappointed with that; others lost their levels, their boyfriends and other cash. Where’s the update? Where’s the new version of It Girl wherein some of my friends got it already?

Anyway, because of my observation I found this:
Rivals on It Girl

I don’t know if all of you already know this one but I seriously don’t. Before when I was still new with this game, I always found nothing on that page – it’s the rival thing in the menu with a notebook image. Well, I guess this is one of the reasons why It Girl had a maintenance, though I’m not that sure about it.

So I tried to get revenge to the girls who have beaten me in a showdown. And wow! I beat all of them!

As I’ve read some comments in an It Girls’ Group on Facebook, we can also use our unlocked clothes that we get from our high-level friends. So again, I tried using those unlocked dresses that I got from my friends and I came up with this. I know it doesn’t look nice. I just did it to increase my hotness. I always do that especially when I go to parties. 😀

99 = Hotness – it’s my first time. I’m sorry please I hope you understand. Haha!

Then I tried to get revenge again to the remaining girls using a hotness of 90 and here’s what I got:

This was my last revenge actually.
Done beating all the girls.
It really helped me to level up!

If you already know about this then maybe this post will be very useful for the newbies out there. 😀 Do you have any questions? Drop a comment and leave your URL (Facebook URL) And I’ll answer it for sure. You can also add me if you want. Thanks for reading! 🙂

3 thoughts on “My Rivals on It Girl

  1. wow… it's a nice game sis.. yung bestfriend ko adik na adik rin jan sa larong yan. hehehehe.. 😀 hindi ako masyadong naglalaro ng games sa fb sis eh. kaya di ako masyadong nakakarelate.. 🙁

  2. Haha! You know I used to have that app in my very old Facebook account but I forgot my login, anywhozers, congratulations and keep up the good work. You have good tastes in style, I guess I could never beat you 🙂

  3. omg sis… disqus ka na ren pala. welcome to the club. hehe 🙂 dami na tlga naadik sa IT GIRL. hehe. di ko pa nttry eh. ung invitation mo, andun pa ren. hehe

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