My Expectations for 2012

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This post is supposed to be on January 1 but I was so tired and busy that’s why it took so long to since I last posted on this blog. Hopefully, my interest in blogging will be back soon and I’ll start working again. If you have some offers you can still send me a private message. 🙂

So what are my expectations for this year 2012? When my group leader in church asked me this question, I just smiled and said, “I don’t really want to expect this year because I will only be disappointed.“. But let just say, there are no disappointments this time and all our expectations will come true in the name of Jesus. You know, everything is possible with God so your expectation is also possible to come true! If so, come and tell me your expectations for this year. I am willing to listen and will help you pray for this expectations to come true.

Before that, let me also tell you my expectations for this year 2012:

  • I want more of Him – you might get confused, who’s Him? My Father, My Savior, My God, My Provider and my Everything – Jesus Christ! I already accepted Him and now I want more of Him! If you’re with me, you’ll understand what I mean. 😉
  • I want to take voice lessons – I love to sing ever since I was young and because of the dream, I want to improve my voice, if there’s still a chance. Haha!
  • I want to be more mature – Act, Talk and Think like a lady.
  • I want to change – I want to be a better person to glorify my God. I want to be with Him in eternity.

I don’t think these are expectations, I think they’re plans. Haha! Well then, I’m EXPECTING them to come true. 😉

So what’s yours?

7 thoughts on “My Expectations for 2012

  1. napa isip tuloy ako kung ano ang expectations ko this year. ayoko rin kasing ma disappoint e >.<' anyways, pinahiram kami ng glasses watching 3D 🙂

  2. goodluck with 2012 🙂 I hope all your dreams and aspirations will come true this year 🙂 and it's nice to know that your put HIM the center of your life 🙂

  3. I hope that those expectations will come true.. those are really nice plans that if u walk thru it I know it'll bear nice fruits.. hmmm are you a christian? in what church do you go? I go to victory.. LOL

    For me, i dont have any expectations this year.. I'll just go with the flow on everything.

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