Mula Sa Puso Remake – 2011

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I am sure that you are familiar with the TV Show Mula sa Puso originally played by Claudine Baretto, Rico Yan and Diether Ocampo back in 1997. I was a fan of this before that’s why I’m looking forward for ABS-CBN’s Remake of Mula Sa Puso this 2011. Lead by Lauren Young as Via, JM De Guzman as Gabriel, Enrique Gil as Michael along with the great actors and actresses such as Dawn Zulueta, Eula Valdez and Ariel Rivera.

Mula Sa Puso Cast - JM De Guzman, Lauren Young, Enrique Gil

I was surprise to see the three main cast because they are the new faces of this generation and I hope they can deliver it as good as the original cast did. Anyway, don’t miss the premiere of Mula Sa Puso on Monday(March 28, 2011) 6:00 PM, Directed by Wenn Deramas. So mark your calendars! I will surely watch this show.

P.S. I love the OST – Mula Sa Puso by Jude Michael (That song is always giving me goosebumps or should I say “kilig factor”)

Here’s the trailer:

5 thoughts on “Mula Sa Puso Remake – 2011

  1. I saw the trailer and it seems interesting…. but oh-noes.. i cant relate much coz i wasn't able to watch this before.. and im afraid that i wont be able to watch the remake too 🙁 poor me

  2. The role suits her well! My mom and I were talking about this last week and I told her that we must watch it together.. Awww.. I miss the 90's.

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