Mother refuses Chemo to save Baby's Life

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Stacie Crimm, a 41-year-old first time single-mother who sacrificed her life only for her newly-born baby. She didn’t expected the miraculous gift from God after the doctors told her that she cannot conceive a baby. But months after that good news, she was diagnosed with a terminal head and neck cancer. There are two choices left, either to get Chemotherapy or continue the pregnancy.

You know what this brave mother chose? She chose the life of her baby. What a sacrifice! That was a tough decision, a great challenge by God. Seriously, I don’t know what God’s purpose with this but I’m pretty sure it’s for the best. As God’s didn’t made any mistakes and still not making any in the future. I pity both of them for losing each other but I guess that’s God’s will and that’s their fate.

Stacie was able to hold her baby in her arms and died 3 days later. Her brother and his wife chose to take good care of Stacie’s baby girl.

Question: What if you have the same story with Stacie, are you also going to sacrifice your life for your baby? Even if you’re not gonna experience to live with her as she grows up?

Source: MSN News

5 thoughts on “Mother refuses Chemo to save Baby's Life

  1. This is touching. I think i'd also choose the life of my baby. I guess every mother would do the same thing. It's just sad that they were not able to spend time with each other. =(

  2. This was a very…touching post! It's amazing, though, how a mother would give up her life for her baby. I can't say I have come across many who would! It just goes to show how much love a mother can have for her child!

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