Mobile Monitoring

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Are you a girlfriend full of suspicious? Or a mom who’s overprotective to her kids? You can now choose to track the mobile phones of your important loved ones by mobile monitoring. Just like any other monitors, these can monitor everything inside your mobile phones. Some mobile monitors can track text messages in and out, calls to and from other people, list of contacts, GPS, your whereabouts, etc.

This mobile monitor can track your:

  • Device Hardware and Resource Information – including low battery and discharge rate, total and available storage, total and available memory, CPU load and others
  • Device Status Attributes – including OS and firmware version, carrier, location, roaming status and others.
  • Cellular Network Attributes – including network type, signal status and strength, network parameters, and others.
  • Wi-Fi Network Attributes – including network type, signal status and strength, SSID, network parameters, and others.

These are very useful for mothers because they can track their kids whenever and wherever they are. You won’t have to worry about them, you may cost some dollars but you can assure the safety of your children. This mobile monitor supports all mobile application types, whether they are Native mobile applications (iOS, Android), Mobile web applications (including HTML5) or Virtual mobile applications.

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