MicroGoose – Temperature Monitor

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Do you own or working on a Data Center? How important to know the temperature in the data center or any kind of computer server rooms out there? Do you need this kind of monitor? Learn more about this below.

MicroGoose is a climate monitor that tracks and monitors the temperature, relative humidity and dew point. It provides Web-based remote surveillance from time to time, so you will have information about these things from the past to the current time.

Why do you need this? I heard from the news that a data center in Dublin experienced an outage due to a strike of a lightning that caused multiple internal technical faults. Worst is it can ruin your center in no time. It is really a must to track and see your data center temperature. This can be used in critical applications such as computer server rooms, laboratories, blood banks and many more. It also uses PoE(Built-in Power over Ethernet). Very easy to install and use, just need a web browser for you to view it’s temperature.
You can order this monitor online via itwatchdogs.com for $199. You can assure its quality because they are committed to the highest quality environmental monitors that are best for us.

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