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Have you read about my old post about ‘Why Online Reputation So Important?‘? If not, then read it now so you will have an idea on what this post is all about. 😀

We all know that reputation is very important. For me, it’s too important that I could kill if someone ruin it, kidding. 🙂 No seriously, it’s a big deal for us especially workers, highly-influential people, innocent people to have a good reputation because it can affect our social life.

What about online reputation? I guess it’s much important than the reputation outside the house because once you have a bad issue online, people all over the world can possible know, see and read that and the worst part is they will actually believe on it even if it’s not true. Rumors spread as fast as a blink of an eye. You better watch out your online reputation.

How to do that? Good thing we have Michael Fertik; our reputationdefender, Internet entrepreneur and CEO of Reputation.com. He can help us to remove the unwanted sites or information that is currently destroying our name, our reputation online. He including his team can clean our name online and I think they can also detect the persons who tried and willing to try to ruin you so you can have a back up.

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