Michael Fertik – CEO of Reputation.com

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Big thanks to Michael Fertik, CEO and Founder of Reputation.Com because we are now capable to control and protect our reputation online. As I mention from my previous posts, there are a lot of ways for our online reputation to be ruined, even we didn’t make something wrong. There are other people such as enemies, competitors that will do everything just to invade your privacy, tell other people your secrets and ideas and will ruin your online reputation. They can do this anytime they want, especially if you’re famous in online business.

To prevent this, Michael Fertik, created reputation.com for us to have justice in whoever tries or ruined our online reputation. This can be done by modifying our pages from search result engines and delete those unwanted pages that talks about you. They can also remove articles or any bad content about you that can give side effects on your business background. They can help you with anything that affects your online reputation, name and business.

He is such an intelligent person to discover and create this problem solver that can solves many headaches of online marketers. We can now breathe smoothly while our names have been cleaning by them.

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