Medical Management Course

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Would you believe that I once dreamed of being a doctor? And are you still going to ask me why? Mainly because I want to heal an ill person either myself, my parents/family or the other people. I thought that if I were a doctor I can cure my own illness or disease although it’s possible but still some doctors die because they themselves can’t heal or make solutions on their sickness. Some of the doctors also failed in healing other people and are also failed in operations or surgical operations. Why? Because some of them lacks of knowledge(I’m not saying all of them okay? Take note of the best doctors in our country), and what’s worst is some of them is a quack doctor. What is quack doctor? A non-educated and fake doctor without license, these people cannot heal everybody and sometimes failing which causes the death of their patients.

That’s why I’m bringing up this topic to make the other doctors to pay attention, they can take up another consultant interview course, medical teaching course, medical management course or teach the teacher course. To some doctors, these can help them is gaining more knowledge about their specific field so please take note of these course. Thank you.

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