List of 7 Most Common Computer Problems

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List of 7 Most Common Computer Problems

Having a hard time because your computer is not working again? Here I have a list of 7 Most Common Computer Problems. Read and familiarize with them. Identify your computer‘s problem and find a solution.

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1. Computer will not boot
A computer turns off suddenly or hard to start could have a faulty power supply. Make sure your computer is connected to the outlet correctly and, if that fails, try the outlet with another device working to confirm if there is an adequate supply.

2. The screen is blank
If the computer is on but the screen is blank, there may be a problem with the connection between the computer and the display. First, check if the monitor is connected to a power outlet and the connection between the monitor and the computer’s hard disk is safe. If the problem is on a laptop, then you may need professional help to solve as some of the internal cables can be used.

3. Abnormal functioning of the system or software
If the operating system or other software either not responding or is acting, then try to restart the computer and run a virus scan. To prevent this, install reliable anti-virus software.

4. Windows will not boot
If you are having problems starting Windows, you may need to reinstall the Windows recovery disk.

5. Screen freezes
When your computer crashes, you may have no choice but to restart the system and the risk of losing all unsaved work. Freezes can be a sign of insufficient RAM, registry conflicts, missing or corrupt files, or spyware. Hold down the power button until the computer turns off, restart it and get to work cleaning up the system so that it will not freeze again.

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6. Computer is slow

If your computer is slower than normal, you can often solve the problem simply wipe the hard drive of unwanted files. You can also install a firewall, antivirus and anti-spyware tools and schedule regular registry scans. External hard drives are great storage solutions CPU overhead, and help your computer run faster.

7. Strange Noises
A lot of noise coming from your computer is usually a sign of hardware malfunction or a noisy fan. Hard drives often make noise just before they fail, so you may want to back up the information just in case, and fans are very easy to replace.

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