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A friend of mine introduced me to a site that does buy blog reviews, this is Link Vehicle. It is a site where advertisers will pay website owners through Link Vehicle to place their links on their sites. Either on the sidebar or you will make a post about their website and put a link.

Link Vehicle has an option of adding the links on your site, you can choose to put it manually or choose to put it automatically wherein they will be the one to put the links on your site. Ofcourse, with a need of an installation code. Don’t worry about bad links, you have the right to accept or reject unwanted links that can harm your site.

They are going to pay you based on your page rank, PR1 = $10, PR2 = $20, PR3 = $30 and so on but you can still change it the way you want it: however, be sure that your site is worth your prize. I mean you cannot increase the prize if you don’t have a lot of visitors or if you have low alexa rank.

For sidebar links, payments are being made monthly and for the paid reviews, it will be sent after the approval of the post.

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