Life of single women in Dubai

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Dubai is one of the safest cities of the world for single women. This is why a lot of professional and working women from all parts of the globe choose to live and work here. Since Dubai follows Islamic Law, respect and protection for the females is a common practice here. When it comes to dressing and drinking, the law is softer for the non-Muslims especially Americans and Europeans. Like other states of the UAE, the crime rate in Dubai is very low, which is why the seldom incidents of felony occur. Overall, the low crime rate makes Dubai a city as safe as heaven throughout the year.

Let’s have a look at what makes Dubai a great city for single working women.


Many women who are new to Dubai have certain misconceptions about the city. One of their common concerns is that being single would make it very difficult for them to find an apartment. Expecting such conservative attitude from the magnanimous Dubai properties sector is unfair as you can find an apartment or villa in any part of the city without being questioned about your maternal status and preferences. Neither would you have issues over male friends visiting you. It would be wise on your part to make sure that people living around you are bothered to the minimum with what’s going on in your premises.
Work opportunities

Dubai is the business hub of the Middle East and is home to the most lavishing retail and hotel industry. The banking and corporate sector in Dubai too has flourished a lot. Therefore, the work opportunities for both men and women have grown considerably in the state. Dubai is perhaps the most expat friendly destination of the world. To fit in the robust business and corporate sector of the city, all you need is relevant education and skills. Women especially enjoy great work prospects in the city as, being the top tourist destination, it is important for Dubai to portray a softer and moderate image. The increasing job opportunities for international women in Dubai are growing.


The bars, cafe, and nightclubs in Dubai are one of the major attractions of the city. With music, dance, drinks, and opportunities to make new friends in a city that is home to people from all over the world, the exciting nightlife of Dubai attracts many party animals. There are dozens of clubs and bars that offer a wide variety of drinks and music genres to go with the city’s nightlife. Some of the popular bars and nightclubs in Dubai include Bar 44, The Liquid Lounge, Carpenter’s Bar, Zinc, Long’s Bar, Oak & Barrel, 360°, After 8, 2Vegas, Balcony Bar, Champagne Lounge, and Spirits.


This is perhaps the most attractive part of being in Dubai. The big malls, designer outlets and never ending promotions on retail items make it very tempting for women to live in Dubai. For makeup and toiletries, Dubai offers the best range of items and is thus very popular among women who afford to buy their yearly stock of beauty products. Those who live here, find this aspect of the city the most tempting. Since Dubai is designed to entertain tourists, you will find all sorts of items available here. Dubai is home to everything from exotic fruits and vegetables, to hand woven shawls and designer lingerie, you name it and they have it, making it the perfect place to live and work for women.

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