Industrial UPS Systems

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Thomas & Betts Power Solutions have a goal to become a world-class supplier of critical power products. They are made up of companies: Current Technology, Joslyn and Cyberex and broken into two main departments: Surge protection and Enterprise business platforms. They possess a world class manufacturing facility and their test and research and development labs are UL certified and outfitted with digital quality management technology. If your company is reliant on a constant energy source, even in harsh conditions, Thomas & Betts Power Solutions have Industrial UPS Systems to fit your company’s needs. Their Cyberex products will meet the challenge of being able to provide dependable, clean energy to government, industrial and service sectors. Cyberex’s custom designed products lead the way in uninterruptable power supplies. A UPS will supply continuous, uninterrupted power to a critical AC load.

Industrial UPS Systems

The battery charger will convert incoming AC power to DC power and then the inverter will convert it back to be fed to the critical load. It’s important to have a battery charger that will stand up to your needs. Thomas & Betts sells both analog and digital battery chargers that have alarm systems and provide that emergency DC power, should you need it. If you’re unsure what capacity UPS you’re in need of, you can contact Thomas & Betts Power Solutions technical support line by phone or online. They will go over product specs and help you decide which product is best suited for your uninterruptable power needs.

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