How to Remove Crayons

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Are you having a hard time removing the crayons that you kid made to your wall, floor and clothes? Seriously, that’s one my of biggest problem mom will ever had. Even I, I’m not a mom yet but I have little cousins that are really hard-headed and stubborn and loves to waste, liter and breaks things. One day, I saw my 5-year-old cousin hiding in our upstairs then I suspect and I silently went to her only to see that she’s drawing in our wall! Waaa, I hurriedly told Mom and she got a sermon.

Now, my problem is how can I remove the crayon in our wall. It’s not really look good. Luckily, I found this site who teaches some tips like how to remove crayons. How good is that? really saves me from my problem! Try it also if it also have been your problem from the past months. Tell me if it’s effective 🙂

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